(Seeing) Red

by indigolab vs Soft Enerji



The first time I heard the instrumental track Red by indigolab the vocal melody hit me straight away. So I volunteered to write the lyrics and perform the vox. Tom sent me his stems which have been left for the most part as they were and I've added strings and a couple of little keys here and there as well as the choral backing for the vox. Mixed and mastered at Soft E Studio, Sydney, Australia


Wouldn't it be nice
To journey through this life
Not wishing you'd never said
Not feeling blue or seeing red
To never feel a heartache
Or hurt someone you love
To never be resentful
Feel suspicion or mistrust

But it's so plain to see
That the nature of humanity
Is to be tainted by regrets
To be too quick seeing red
There is always pain and sadness
In each and every life
As our dreams get dashed upon the rocks
And we struggle and we fight

And so I say to you my friends
Life is what you make it
Always try to make amends
Stop feeling blue and seeing red
You'll never dodge the heartaches
But you can minimise the pain
Just live your lives the best you can
And that should keep you sane


released March 10, 2012
Original instrumental by Tom Moore aka indigolab
Lyrics, vocals and musical additions by Mark Blane



all rights reserved


Soft Enerji Lismore, Australia

Soft Enerji is Mark Blane. Originally from Scotland, now a born again Australian. I live in Lismore NSW with my wife Liz and twin sons James and Alex.

I like to make music in my spare time although spare time can be hard to come by. I use Sonar X3 and Reason 8 as my main DAWs
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