A Safe Place Today (Je suis Charlie et Paris)

by Soft Enerji



Every time I watch the news something terrible is happening. I fear for the future. I hope my fears are unfounded. We need a safe place today.

I added the phrase "Je Suis Charlie" to the title after the horrific events in Paris. And I'm even more scared now............

And after the more recent atrocities in Paris I've added a bit more to the title..........


Does anyone know?
Can anyone be sure?
Can anybody find?
A place for peace of mind

A safe place today
Is there a safe place today?

There’s too much war and murder
So many calls to arms
Is there anywhere secure?
To keep our children safe from harm

A safe place today
We need a safe place today

There’s so much hate and violence
Persecution in the name of gods
If the world didn’t have religion
Would we still be counting these costs?

A safe place today
We need a safe place today


Written and composed by Mark Blane. As an exercise the song was done completely in Reason 8. No ReFills or Rack Extensions were used.



all rights reserved


Soft Enerji Lismore, Australia

Soft Enerji is Mark Blane. Originally from Scotland, now a born again Australian. I live in Lismore NSW with my wife Liz and twin sons James and Alex.

I like to make music in my spare time although spare time can be hard to come by. I use Sonar X3 and Reason 8 as my main DAWs
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