Breath Pictures

by Soft Enerji & Archimedes



I started this one ages ago and I just seemed to get stuck. The music was basically complete (minus David's awesome bassline) and I knew what I wanted the lyrics to be about but only ever got a few lines down.
The thought struck me one day to ask Archimedes a.k.a. David Stuart to help me out. I sent David the music and a rough brief one morning before I left for work and he had the lyrics written that same afternoon. David took a different path to the one I was walking and wrote the lyrics around the arpeggio synth melody whereas I was trying to go along with a darker approach following the pad. It's amazing what happens when two minds collide:) David also wrote the bass line and did the final mix and mastering of the track.


Leaning here, a sallow soul
Winter cold on window pane
Reaches deep and far below
Keep my mind, keep me sane

I reach for strength, I can be brave
Our love is strong, we can be saved
Hallowed is our place in time
I am yours, you are mine

Pictures painted with shallow breath
Cling to the pane - don't fly away
One last glimpse I reach once more
Once they fade I meet the floor
Tears and screams and cursing fate
This is life I've learned to hate
Take my soul and leave me bare
This is life when you're not there.

I look around, and you're not there.
You're not there

When we kissed, our souls were one
Now you're gone, my only one
Here I lean, upon this glass
I fear our lives are now the past
I miss you so
I miss you so

Please come home and take my hand
Then we'll leave for other lands
Kiss my lips and wipe my eyes
Feel our hearts spell out our lives
We will survive
We will survive


released August 3, 2010
Thanks to David Stuart for his lyrics, bassline, enthusiam and encouragement.
David's Bandcamp site is here:



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I like to make music in my spare time although spare time can be hard to come by. I use Sonar X3 and Reason 8 as my main DAWs
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