Afterthoughts (on the road out of Hell)

by Soft Enerji



Written for David Stuart's Return To Styx living novel project

Language warning! The F bomb gets dropped at just past the 2 minute mark.


Ambushed late at night, they drag you down
They punch and kick, hold you under, until you almost drown
Your dignity is taken, amid the cheers of the hunting pack
Bound and gagged and black and blue, they carry you into the dark

Now it seems you've been down here, for a thousand years
But no matter what they did to you, you would not shed a tear
Your nails are torn, from scratching at the walls
All you wanna do, is see these motherfuckers fall

You've witnessed the hurt, and you've lived the pain
Feels like a million swords, have pierced your brain
Somehow you saw the chance, and you slipped away
Luck and skill combine for you, to make your great escape

The flight from darkness, is a victory of sorts
But a part of you remains down there, bloodied, chained and caught
Your hands and knees are bleeding, from the uphill crawl
While your head, is full, of screaming afterthoughts


released January 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Soft Enerji Lismore, Australia

Soft Enerji is Mark Blane. Originally from Scotland, now a born again Australian. I live in Lismore NSW with my wife Liz and twin sons James and Alex.

I like to make music in my spare time although spare time can be hard to come by. I use Sonar X3 and Reason 8 as my main DAWs
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